Psychological Counseling

Up to three sessions of confidential, off-campus psychological counseling are available at no charge to all students (dental, dental hygiene and graduate) to provide adjustment counseling, brief psychotherapy and triage. Students must be referred for psychological services by the Office of Student Affairs. 

All student contacts will be confidential as prescribed by state law. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs or the Director of Student Affairs may approve payment for a limited number of additional sessions if recommended by the consulting practitioner, the Student Promotions Committee or the Student Integrity Issues Committee. 

If students present with difficulties requiring longer treatment, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or the Director of Student Affairs will be notified by the consulting practitioner and the student may be referred outside this structure for consultation at his or her own expense. 


Mental Health Resources at Texas A&M University

Office of Student Affairs

Room 503


Associate Dean

Dr. Ernie Lacy



Ms. Kimberly Morgan-Thompson



* Psychologist

Dr. Carlos Davis


* Psychiatrist

Dr. Howard Smith



* Referrals Required

  • Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program (Dallas Bar Association)
  • Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas 24 hour hotline – 214-828-1000
  • Dallas Rape Crisis Center 24 hour hotline - (972) 641-7273
  • Genesis Women’s Shelter - (214) 389-7700