Minutes in Motion team members at Texas A&M College of Dentistry

The Health & Wellness Committee is charged with providing college staff with information and activities that help build healthier habits and improve staff wellness.

Some events your Texas A&M College of Dentistry Resource Team has coordinated for staff include:

  • Minutes in Motion, September-November 2014
  • Step into Spring, March-April 2015
  • Safety Awareness Active Shooter Training, Dallas Police Department, December 2015
  • Personal Safety Awareness Seminar, Dallas Police Department, May 2016
  • Retirement Readiness Seminar with Voya Financial, April 2016
  • Get on track for your Financial Future, TIAA, 2017

Resources: Living WELL Aware at Texas A&M

Wellness is a way of living that nurtures your overall well-being to enhance your quality of life. WELLNESS WORKS! is Texas A&M University’s official employee health and wellness program designed to encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles, to support a healthy workplace and to create a culture of holistic wellness.

Wellness Works Presentation 2017 Slides

Learn more about how Texas A&M College of Dentistry staff can participate.