The Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) is a standing committee with all members appointed annually by the Dean, with recommendations from the previous committee chairman.  The Texas A&M College of Dentistry representatives on the Texas A&M HSC-level TCAC will be members of the ETAC, with the Director of Technology Development acting as the chair of the ETAC.

The ETAC meets on an ad hoc basis to consider technologies submitted by Texas A&M University college Faculty and students.

The Director of Technology Development reports to the Associate Dean for Research, and makes monthly reports to the Research Advisory Committee.

The ETAC is composed of individuals with demonstrated expertise in technology development, or with particular expertise and interest required for fulfilling the functions of the ETAC.  The ETAC has members representing both the basic science and clinical departments, and a representative from the Associate Dean’s office assists with administrative issues and the recording of minutes.