The Texas A&M College of Dentistry Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) maintains management and oversight for research compliance areas with regard to the use of human blood, human tissue, human cells, recombinant DNA, pathogens (plant, animal, human) and/or biological toxins. Any research involving the above areas requires registration with the IBC. To determine if you need IBC approval, please email the Office of Biosafety, or via telephone at 979-862-4549.

The New PI Checklist for Work with Biohazard and Recombinant DNA is especially helpful to new investigators but should be reviewed by all individuals working with biohazards or recombinant DNA in research laboratories.

Please go to the Texas A&M Office of Research Compliance and Biosafety for more information.


All individuals who work in a research laboratory designated at Biosafety Level 2 and who may have contact with

  • pathogens and potential pathogens of humans, animals, or plans;
  • materials potentially containing human pathogens (including human blood, tissue, and cell lines);
  • recombinant DNA (and RNA), including creation or use of transgenic plants or animals;
  • select agents and toxins including stains and amounts exempted from the select agent regulations; or
  • any material requiring CDC import license or a USDA permit

must receive training on a periodic basis. The required frequency and method of training follows below.

Biosafety Level 2 (BL-2)

  1. Required every three (3) years
  2. The first time an individual takes BL-2 training must be in person or via TTVN
  3. Every third year after the initial session, a refresher class may be taken in-class/TTVN or through CITI training. (The CITI training module is close to completion, but is not live yet.)

NIH Guidelines

  1. Required every three (3) years for principle investigators using rDNA
  2. ONLY offered via CITI training

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP)

  1. Required every year for all individuals working with human blood or human cell lines
  2. Offered via Train Traq
  3. Soon to be offered through CITI