Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:


Part-time Predoctoral Clinical Faculty:

Additionally, the Predoctoral clinic is staffed by a number of part-time oral and maxillofacial surgeons who provide oversight for the student-operated cases. These dedicated private practitioners have been an integral part of the clinical teaching team for many years, and include the following local practitioners:

  • Dr. Colin S. Bell
  • Dr. Mark A. Craig
  • Dr. Roy D. Kindrick
  • Dr. Garrett S. Nelson
  • Dr. Miro Pavelka
  • Dr. Robert Peak
  • Dr. David M. Phillips
  • Dr. Thad Taylor
  • Dr. Craig E. Williams

Adjunct and Clinical Faculty:

  • Larry M. Wolford, DDS, Clinical Professor
  • Grant Gilliland, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Robert M. Steckler, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Randy R. Sanovich, DDS, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Harron Ismaili, DDS, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Campbell Bourland, DDS, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • William Walstad, DDS, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Emeritus Professors

  • Roger E. Alexander, DDS
  • Tommy W. Gage, RPh, DDS, PhD