Subject: Thank you

“Just a quick note to say that after 7+ years of suffering, I finally got a diagnosis yesterday of oral LP. I was so depressed, particularly after seeing so many horrendous pictures on the internet, and knowing that I was not likely to ever get rid of this. However, your site made me feel so much better – just the idea that there were people dedicated to understanding this condition, and sharing that information. Thank you SO much for your work and site.”

Redmond, WA, USA

Subject: Lichen Planus Referral

“Thank you so so much for your recommendations in Denver. I’m grateful for the work that you do to help people with LP. ”

Very best wishes,
Boulder, CO, USA

Subject: Re: questions

Dr. Burkhart, I just wanted to thank you again on behalf of my friend, S. She is feeling much more hopeful, due to your impressively quick response. She happened to be visiting me this weekend … and I was able to print out your e-mail for her… She is planning to immediately get in touch with the recommended doctors starting tomorrow. I am hoping she will get an Internet service soon so she can become informed via this wonderful information highway.

San Diego, CA, USA