About the OLP Support Group

Group mission and goals

The basic purpose of support groups is to provide mutual aid and emotional support for people who share the same predicament. In this article, Dr. Burkhart discusses various aspects by which patients of OLP can benefit from mutual support and encouragement. 

Member Testimonials

Here’s what some of our patients, site users and group members have to say.

About Oral Lichen Planus


Lichen planus is a chronic disease which can appear in the mouth and on the skin. Some patients will have both mouth and skin lesions, and occasionally women may develop vaginal lesions. The lesions may disappear spontaneously, only to reappear after they seemingly have gone into remission. This FAQ will answer many of your questions.

OLP facts and what to do

Facts about OLP and what to do if you think you have OLP, or if you have been diagnosed with OLP.

Reactions similar to OLP

Patients may experience reactions that are similar clinically and /or microscopically to lichen planus. These are called lichenoid reactions. The most common cause of lichenoid reactions is drugs.

Health Topics Related to OLP

The Importance of Sleep and Your Health

The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep by Dr. Lawrence Epstein, former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine writes that sleep deprivation and personal health is highly under rated but has incredible ramifications on our total health! 

Stress, Grief and Disease

The type of stress that is detrimental to your health is termed “Unmanaged Stress” and “everyday stress” that we all encounter is universal. What is considered highly stressful to one person may be more of a positive challenge to someone else.

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