Diversity & Inclusion Week Sept. 30 - Oct. 4 2019

Diversity & Inclusion Week will be a week of food, fun, facts and more when students, staff, and faculty can come together to learn about and celebrate each other. A major highlight of the week will be the inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Awards.  Most activities will take place at noon.

However, on Wednesday, the clinics will close at 2 pm so that most can participate in honoring an eligible COD student, staff, and faculty member (one of each) for their efforts to make our school and community environments more welcoming.

Application and Documentation Downloads  

The deadline for submitting the application and documentation is September 6, 2019. Please deliver electronically to Mrs. Norma Calvert by 5 pm at Calvert.Norma@tamu.edu.   

Register Online

Please register here to confirm your attendance so that we may plan appropriately for seating and meals. 


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Diversity Series From Research to Clinical Care

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