After Hours Services (heating, air conditioning, suction, and gases)
When circumstances require that you need any or all of these services outside of normal operating hours it will be necessary to Submit a Deviation Request 24 hours in advance of your needed time. It must be approved by your Department Chair.
Atrium Scheduling & Usage
The Atrium Courtyard in the basement is available for special events. Reservations can be made by either e-mail, or you may Submit a Work Request. Make sure that you specify any special set up requirements you might have. It is a good idea to call ext. 8250 to verify availability before making your request.
Audiovisual Equipment

Contact Media Resources at 214-828-8444.

Building Signage & Directories

All signage must comply with institutional standards to ensure a uniform appearance throughout the facility. Additionally, signage is subject to The Americans with Disabilities Act. Non-compliant signage can subject the College to fines and penalties. Therefore, any homemade make shift signage will be subject to removal. You may submit your request for signage here: Submit a Work Request. or via e-mail. Please make sure that all spelling, titles, and punctuation is submitted exactly as you want it to appear on the sign.

Deionized Water Installation & Service

Deionized water installations and service are coordinated through the Maintenance Department. Please assess your need carefully, then you may Submit a Work Request. This service usually requires approximately 3 days for service and 5 days for initial installation.

Delivery & Pickup services (limited basis)

We ask that, whenever possible, routine deliveries and/or pickups be handled by the vendor providing you with a product or service. Many times, even when the vendor charges for these services, it is cheaper and more convenient in the long run. In situations where you feel it necessary to utilize our driver please Submit a Work Request by 10:00 A.M. to obtain same day service. Work Requests received after 10:00 A.M. will go out the next business day. Additionally, any packages and/or samples that you are sending with the driver need to be brought to the Maintenance Department in room 22. These items need to be there before 10:00 A.M. on the day you want them to go out. This service is limited to a geographical area within a reasonable distance of the school. Please contact the Director of Facilities Services for clarification.

Electrical Repairs & Modifications

Minor electrical repairs and modifications, such as adding or moving an outlet or light fixture can usually be accomplished if you Submit a Work Request. There are exceptions to this guideline in that sometimes there is no circuit available in close proximity and what seems minor actually turns out to be fairly major. When you are planning the installation of new equipment and/or Departmental renovations please contact the Facilities Director prior to making commitments for goods or services to make sure that the required power is available.

Elevator Services

We maintain a contract for service on all seven elevators located at BCD. In the event that you notice anything that seems unusual with any of the elevators please report it immediately. During normal business hours please call Maintenance at 214-828-8250, or Submit a Work Request. After hours or on weekends please call Security at 214-828-8335, or the Emergency Work Request line at 888-278-1232 (Select "3" for Dallas) and you will be routed to the appropriate person or number.

If a situation arises where you find that someone is trapped in the elevator do not attempt to get them out yourself this creates a very dangerous situation for you and the trapped individuals. No one other than our elevator company service technician is trained or authorized to assist in the removal of anyone trapped in an elevator.

Emergency 24 Hour Service

During normal business hours please call Maintenance at 214-828-8250.

Should you have a true emergency request for a repair outside of normal operating hours contact Security at 214-828-8335, and Security will make contact with the appropriate parties to determine what can be done.

Alternately, you may call the Emergency Work Request line at 888-278-1232 (Select "3" for Dallas) and you will be routed to the appropriate person or number. 

We will do our best to accommodate you with emergency repair services. However, many times we will contain and control the situation until repair service can be sought during normal business hours. Do not call in outside services to perform repairs without proper notification and authorization beforehand. In the event that unauthorized repairs or modifications are performed at your request you and your department will be responsible for all costs including any expenses incurred in removal or modification of the repair that is deemed necessary to bring the facility into code and/or compliance with institutional standard.

Equipment Repair

All equipment repair requests for routine repairs need to be made via Submit a Work Request.

Urgent Equipment Repairs

Exceptions to the procedure for routine repairs include situations where there is a patient in a chair and any part of the chair, unit, or light malfunctions. Other equipment that provides direct patient support during a procedure will also receive this same immediate response service.

To request immediate attention on this type of equipment, please call 214-828-8250, or call the Emergency Work Request line at 888-278-1232 (Select "3" for Dallas). and you will be routed to the appropriate person or number. When you call make sure that you tell us that there is a patient procedure involved.

For any other type of repair request please Submit a Work Request.

Floor Plans & Blue Prints

Blue prints are available from the Maintenance Department. Please make your request via Submit a Work Request, e-mail, by calling x8250, or just stop by room 22 and ask for them. We will probably put them on the web site at a later date.

Furniture Assembly & Set up (limited basis)

We encourage you to think about any other possible option before buying ready to assemble or prefabricated furniture. It has been our experience that prefabricated furniture does not stand up to the institutional use that it receives here. Furthermore, this furniture can pose a safety hazard as well. In the past, we have seen it come apart and dump everything onto the floor.

Having said that, we are here to serve and will assemble small items for you.

Please Submit a Work Request 3 to 5 days in advance of when you will need it completed. For larger pieces please purchase the item with assembly included. If you have questions about the size and/or assembly requirements please contact the Facilities Director prior to making your purchase. Additionally, in some instances there may be a charge necessary for assembly.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services & Requests

For temperature adjustments and or verification of system functions please either call us at 214-828-8250 or Submit a Work Request. In the event that you need heat or air conditioning after hours or on the weekend you will need to submit a Deviation Request. For more information please see the section on After Hours Services.

Landscape & Grounds Maintenance

The college employs a contract service for maintenance of exterior landscape and Atrium plants. The seasonal color in the berms is changed out in the spring and again in the fall. The colored plants in the atrium are changed every other month. Your suggestions and comments regarding these services are appreciated.


Laundry services are provided through a contract service. Each department should have a collection hamper for their area. Additionally, each department should have a number that is placed in their garments. These numbers are used for tracking and delivery of items when returned. The Maintenance Department picks up and delivers laundry on Tuesday and Friday. Each department is charged for items laundered for them.


We do our best to keep all fluorescent lamps and light bulbs replaced and in working order. However, the facility is the product of group lamping which means that lights tend to start failing in a given area at a given time. Therefore, when you notice that bulbs seem to burning out frequently in an area please call it to our attention. We try to do group relamping based on expected life expectancy and projected usage times. We will respond to telephone calls for service of burned out light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, although we prefer that you Submit a Work Request as it helps us track concentrated failure areas.

Medical Gas Service & Shutdowns

In areas that have medical gases plumbed in, The Maintenance Department maintains the system and keeps an available flow ready for use. The gas system is shut down from 7:00 P.M. until 7:00A.M. Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and holidays. Any gas usage that is required outside of normal operating hours must be made in writing, 24 hours prior to the need, via Submit a Work Request, Deviation Request, memo, or e-mail and it must be signed by your department chair. The Maintenance Department does not establish or approve any protocol or guideline for medical gas usage. These issues need to be addressed to the Associate Dean for Clinical Services. Portable gas bottles that are in use need to be secured with a safety chain or cart. Please contact Facilities Director or The Environmental Health & Safety Manager at 214-828-8301 for specifics.

Moving & Relocation

We will assist with moving and relocation of equipment, furniture, and personal belongings within college buildings. Please Submit a Work Request, at least 72 hours prior to the date and time that you are planning on moving. We have a relatively small crew and need this lead time to schedule around other events that are taking place. In situations where you need a file cabinet, desk, or other single item moved, and there is not time for a notice, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Requests of this nature will be accepted via telephone; however, to Submit a Work Request would be preferred. The Maintenance Department does not disconnect or move computer equipment. Please contact Information Technology Services at 214-828-8905 for these services.


Painting within the facility is limited to colors that are considered our institutional standards. Typically this means that champagne/cream or dove gray are available color choices for private area walls. Common areas are limited to champagne/cream with few exceptions and special approval. Painting is scheduled at intervals of approximately every 6 years. There are exceptions to this guideline where special circumstances warrant it. For all painting requests please Submit a Work Request with adequate lead-time to allow for cost effective scheduling. Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to paint their own area within the facility. Should an individual paint their own area the department will be charged for labor and materials to repaint the area in a manner that complies with institutional standards.

Pest Control

The dental school maintains a contract agreement for pest control services. Routine service is provided on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you have a routine request please Submit a Work Request. On the other hand, if you have an active insect infestation please contact us via telephone at 214-828-8250, or call the Emergency Work Request line at 888-278-1232 (Select "3" for Dallas) and you will be routed to the appropriate person or number. As an alternative you may e-mail us. In any genuinely urgent case, we will call the contractor out for immediate service.

Plumbing Service & Repair

To request service for broken and/or leaking pipes, stopped commodes or drains please where water damage is likely call us immediately at 214-828-8250, or call the Emergency Work Request line at 888-278-1232 (Select "3" for Dallas) and you will be routed to the appropriate person or number. If there is no answer call Security at 214-828-8335 tell them that it is an emergency and there was no answer at the other numbers.

For repairs of a non-emergency or routine nature please Submit a Work Request. To request modification and or renovations it may require a that a New Construction Request Form be submitted to the Facilities Development Advisory Committee. Please contact the Facilities Director for clarification.

Renovation & Remodeling

To request renovation and/or remodeling it will be necessary to submit a New Construction Request Form. This form will be reviewed by the Facilities Development Advisory Committee (FDAC). They will submit their findings and recommendation to the Dean. The Dean will notify you of his recommendation and/or decision.

Once a project has been agreed upon and approved no changes will be made without a written Change Order Form you submitted to the FDAC and approved by the Dean. Therefore, please plan your requests carefully to avoid unnecessary delays after construction has started. Both forms may be picked up from room 22, or in the downloads box on this web page.

Special Event Setups

If special setups need to be made you will need to Submit a Work Request.

Additionally, a diagram showing table placement, chair placement, and number of people attending is very helpful. When scheduling the room please add enough time prior to and immediately following your meeting to allow for setup and removal of chairs, tables, etc. Usually an hour on each side of your event is sufficient.

Temperature control (hot or cold?)

For temperature adjustments and or verification of system functions please either call us at 214-828-8250 or Submit a Work Request. We will do our best to provide a comfort level that is acceptable to everyone. However, some areas do not have the capacity or control to accommodate everyone. In those situations, we will do our best to reach a compromise with all parties involved. In the event that you need heat or air conditioning after hours or on the weekend you will need to submit a Deviation Request. For more information please see the section on After Hours Services.

Transportation of Guests

The Maintenance Department will provide transport services to pick up and drop off special guests from airports etc. Please try to limit these requests to situations where no other viable alternative seems to be available. Also, please keep in mind that we have one driver and many times this service disrupts routine services to others that depend on the driver on a regular basis. Additionally, in situations where the pick up or drop off service is either early or late and creates an overtime condition the department making the request will be charged for these expenses. Therefore, please Submit a Work Request, and include an account number for charges giving all of the particulars i.e. time, gate airport, flight, name, number of guests, your contact number, etc.

Utility Services

Utilities to the main building are provided by Baylor University Medical Center. This provides us with a great deal of backup that would not otherwise be available to us. Additionally, we maintain an emergency generator to support elevators and other life support systems. We have been fortunate in that we have seldom experienced any interruption in service and do not anticipate any change in the future.

Vehicle Usage & Scheduling

Vehicle usage is limited to school related activities and requires a search of the driver's record for all parties that will be driving the vehicle. At the present time only system employees are authorized to operate school vehicles. Scheduling is coordinated through the Maintenance Department in conjunction with Security. Please Submit a Work Request. You will need to provide copies of the drivers licenses of all and any employee that will be operating the vehicle. Vehicles are not intended to be taken on long trips that last for more than a day or two. We have only three vehicles and when one is taken out for several days it interrupts routine services that require the use of our vehicles.


One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, "Will my department be charged for this?"

This is a question that does not have a fast and simple answer. However, our guideline is that common areas and infrastructure items like heating, air conditioning, plumbing repairs, and most structural repairs are almost always covered by Maintenance Department budgets. On the other hand, most problems that are not related to the building as shelter and environment will need to be charged against some other funding source. This is by no means a hard and fast guideline and there are probably more exceptions than not.

Examples would include items like dental chairs, units, and lights that would be covered. On the other hand, items like cavitrons, curing lights, hand pieces, and most other movable departmentally owned items are repaired at expense of the owner. In situations where you are unsure of who pays for the repair please contact the Facilities Services Director for clarification before having the item repaired. Checking on financial responsibility ahead of time will help head off problems before they develop.