Are we here to merely maintain the facility? Prevent things from breaking? Fix things when they break? I don't think so, do you?

Several years ago, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching conducted a study that revealed a startling fact on how a student chooses a college or university. When researchers asked prospective students and their parents to name the source of information that was most useful in making this decision, the campus visit was the single most important tool for them.

Taking this one step further, researchers asked these same students what influenced them the most during their campus visit, sixty-two percent said, "The appearance of the buildings and grounds."

On the other hand, the features that were the least mentioned included contacts with faculty, staff, counselors, and classes visited.

I have been amazed by the results of this study on several occasions as I travel through the facility.

I never know what will trigger these feelings, it might be a janitor polishing the floor, a new coat of paint being applied by the painter, or any other facilities team member busy at work in their chosen field.

As I observe these fine people, I can't help but wonder if each and every one of them realizes just how really important they are? Do we all understand that it could very well be the little extra that we give that makes the difference for a prospective student? Consequently, we should strive to do the very best that we are capable of each and every day, as we do make a difference.

So you see, we, as Facilities Services employees, have a mission that is much greater than merely fixing things when they break. Moreover, we are a part of the team that helps make our school the fine institution that it is.