When UIC Orthodontics Department Head Dr. Carla Evans established the Brodie Laboratory for Craniofacial Genetics in 2001, Dr. Bernie Schneider, one of UIC’s senior orthodontists, sought to build a bridge between our lab and his interest in the model system of the un-opposed molar that he pursued under the tutelage of Vienna’s distinguished anatomists Harry Sicher and Joseph-Peter Weinmann (Holiday et al. 2005, Luan and Diekwisch 2007).

Bernie’s quest turned into a continuous inspiration to revisit fundamental questions about the molecular mechanisms behind tooth supereruption (Luan et al. 2007) and the drift of the dentition (Walker et al. 2010).

The model system of the un-opposed molar

The model system of the un-opposed molar. The occlusal plane of the dentition is established through an equilibrium of forces between teeth from the upper and lower jaw. Once teeth in a quadrant are removed, antagonistic teeth in the opposing jaw erupt beyond the plane of occlusion. This process is called super-eruption.

Contributions to Journals

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Tissue remodeling in the un-opposed molar modelTissue remodeling in the un-opposed molar model.. Loss of opposing teeth result in super-eruption and drift. Supereruption is accomplished through the formation of new cementum and alveolar bone apposition in the alveolar crypt of the super-erupting tooth. The micrograph represents a time sequence following opposing tooth extraction visualized through injection of fluorescent bone markers.