The quest to identify stem cells to regenerate oro-facial tissues dated back to classic guided tissue regeneration studies by Tony Melcher, Jan Lindhe, Sture Nyman, and Thorkild Karring (Flores-de-Jacoby et al. 1991).

Our lab began working on periodontal stem cells in 2001, and we were awarded an NIH grant (DE15425) for this work in 2003. At that point we began to generate and characterize stem cell populations in developing periodontal tissues (Luan et al. 2006, 2009, Dangaria et al. 2009, 2011a, Gopinathan et al. 2013). Subsequently, we have established periodontal progenitor populations to regenerate the periodontium of extracted teeth and replant these teeth into sockets (Dangaria et al. 2011b,c).

This research has prompted a number of studies related to the design of scaffolds and homing factors for odontogenic regeneration (Li et al. 2013, Pan et al. 2013, Huang et al. 2013). Studies related to stem cells and regeneration of odontogenic tissues are ongoing.

The Supertooth Squad

The Supertooth Squad. Research by Drs. Xianghong Luan and Tom Diekwisch related to tooth regeneration and engineering has been frequently featured in the news, as here in Chicago Magazine (article by Karen Springen, illustration by Mario Wagner).

Contributions to Journals

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Dental tissue engineeringDental tissue engineering seeks to employ combinations of growth factors, scaffolds, and stem cells to grow new teeth or engineer individual dental tissues.