Goals of the Center for Craniofacial Research & Diagnosis

The primary goal of the CCRD is to provide a forum to increase funded research and related programmatic activities leading to greater understanding of the etiology, natural history, diagnosis, and treatment of developmental abnormalities and functional disorders in the craniofacial region. Such knowledge will lead to new and improved treatments of developmental, disease and functional disorders of the craniofacial region.

The specific goals of the CCRD are to provide the environment, resources, and a multidisciplinary-based organization that will facilitate:

  1. Expansion of interdisciplinary approaches to research related to basic and clinical sciences;
  2. Hiring of funded clinical translational researchers and increasing the funding of current researchers;
  3. Improving techniques for diagnosis of craniofacial disorders associated with growth, function, and aging;
  4. Enhancing treatment of diseases and disorders of the craniofacial complex;
  5. Training of the next generation of physicians and scientists fully engaged in translational research, diagnosis and treatment.

Strategy to Achieve Goals

In order to achieve the above goals the CCRD maintains dual strategies. First, the Center supports a series of ongoing activities designed specifically to promote collegial interaction between basic scientists, clinical scientists, and clinical practitioners in the study of basic craniofacial biology and craniofacial abnormalities. Second, the CCRD supports mechanisms and resources to facilitate development of competitive, extramurally-funded interdisciplinary research programs.

Facilitation of Interdisciplinary Activities in Research and Training

The CCRD supports the following College activities that are designed to facilitate development of interdisciplinary research interactions among faculty and trainees.

  1. Seminar Series on Craniofacial Research. This ongoing activity, held throughout the academic year, provides an opportunity for interaction among faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral students and members of surrounding institutions of higher learning and hospitals on timely research problems and treatments.
  2. Symposium on Basic and Clinical Craniofacial Research and on the Treatment of Craniofacial Disorders. A primary activity of the CCRD is to support symposia on various topics in craniofacial research and treatment. The goal of each symposium is to focus on problems related to the interface between basic and clinical research as this pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial abnormalities. The planning of the symposium provides a mechanism for interdisciplinary interaction and formulation of problems for research within the College. Secondly, to provide a platform for interactions of members of surrounding institutions of higher learning and hospitals on craniofacial biology and treatment of abnormalities. The symposium serves to communicate the state of knowledge in an area as well as to clarify remaining problems for basic and clinical research.