Alumni Association Reception at TDA - May 5

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Texas A&M College of Dentistry
Alumni Association

Reception & General Membership Meeting
During the TDA Annual Session

Friday, May 5, 2017
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The Grand Hyatt - Republic Room AB
Located on the fourth floor
600 E. Market Street, San Antonio, Texas 78250

Alums host early graduation celebration "on the Patio"

Stackhouse event

DH2 and D4 students relaxed with Alums and enjoyed an early graduation celebration “on the Patio” recently at the Stackhouse, the popular eatery across from the dental school.  A free beverage and appetizers, and fun door prizes were provided compliments of the College of Dentistry Alumni Association! 

It was another great opportunity to visit with alumni board members and classmates! 

See more pictures of the fun event.

Let the games begin!

 Volleys begin within minutes of the ribbon cutting for students’ new ping-pong and foosball tables, gifts from the Texas A&M College of Dentistry Alumni Association.  

A crowd of students huddled around the table for the informal ceremony, joined by staff from the Office of Student Affairs, Office of Advancement, Communications & Alumni Relations, and the Alumni Association’s president-elect, Dr. Joe Simmons ’98, ’99, and secretary-treasurer, Dr. Danette McNew ’88.


Pre-final "warm-up"

Dr. Joe Simmons ’98, ’99, Texas A&M College of Dentistry’s Alumni Association president elect, joins students for a hot chocolate and coffee pre-final “warm-up” on Dec. 9. It was much appreciated that cold winter morning — temperatures dipped into the 20s!

Dr. Simmons' pre-final warmup

Congratulations, new alums!

2016 Alumni Homecoming Reception

Celebrating the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Dr. Tommy Harrison, as well as milestone graduation years, including the Class of 1966

See all slides ...

2016 Homecoming montage

2016 Caruth Luncheon

2015 Caruth School of Dental Hygiene Luncheon and Class of ’65 reunion

See all slides ...

2015 Caruth luncheon montage

2015 Alumni Homecoming Reception

2015 SWDC Homecoming Reception and Class of ’65, 50th year reunion at Omni Hotel in Dallas

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2015 Homecoming montage

2015 Caruth Luncheon

2015 Caruth School of Dental Hygiene Luncheon and Class of ’65 reunion

See all slides ...

2015 Caruth luncheon montage

The Unlikely Apiarist

Beekeeping, tending cattle and managing a dental practice: It’s all in a day’s work for your alumni president.

Lee Kavanagh, new Alumni Association PresidentFrom the bitter freezes of January to the sweltering stretches of July, inside the hive, it’s a steady 90-plus degrees. Or at least it should be. The bees need to maintain this temperature to survive.

In summer months, they’ll carry nectar in their mouths to the hive, regurgitate it, and flap their wings, helping the water to evaporate from the nectar, and in the process, providing natural air conditioning.

In the winter months, “heater bees” warm the hive’s close-knit quarters within the 14×18-inch wooden boxes.

These are just a few tidbits we get from Dr. Lee Kavanagh ’02, a part-time beekeeper and full-time dentist, who in May assumed presidency of the College of Dentistry Alumni Association.

Arlington father and son orthodontists celebrate a half century in practice

The Drs. Alexander

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Father and son orthodontists R.G. “Wick” and Moody Alexander can say they’ve set several generations of the city’s teeth on a straight path.

Drs. Alexander Orthodontics at 840 W. Mitchell St. has been in operation for 50 years, treating more than 17,500 children and adults.

Add to that the thousands of people who have benefited from Wick Alexander’s own Alexander LTS Bracket technique, which has been taught to orthodontists worldwide.

Alexander still instructs on his technique all over the world, and this year alone has visited China, Japan and Germany. The bracket-bracing system makes straightening teeth “a little easier and there’s less discomfort,” said Alexander. He is also a clinical professor of orthodontics at Texas A&M University College of Dentistry.

Read the full story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram of 08 December 2014

In touch with alumni

Dr. Celeste Latham '97

Q&A with Dr. Celeste Latham '97

Former Alumni Association president Dr. Celeste Latham ’97 tackles family life, career and leadership with focus that is far from single-minded.

By sharing responsibilities with family and colleagues, this professional and mother of two young children is able to achieve the balance she desires.

Read more on her life outlook and strategies in NewsStand.

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Alumni Association Board Members

Ms. Laurie Inglis RH ’02
McKinney, TX

Dr. Joe J. Simmons III ’98
Dallas, TX

Dr. Danette McNew ‘88
Rockwall, TX

Dr. H. Lee Kavanagh ’02
College Station, TX

Ms. Tiffany Bergstrom RH '14
Dallas, TX

Dr. William R. Phillips ’97
Dallas, Texas

Dr. Dena Robinson ’99
Dallas, TX

Dr. Rafael Perez ’97
Wichita Falls, TX

Dr. Eduardo R. Lorenzana ’96
San Antonio, TX

Dr. Anthony Mendez ’04
Austin, TX

Dr. Sarah Allen ’10
Dallas, TX

Ms. Shelley Bixler RH ’12
Royse City, TX

Dr. Chad J. Capps ’08
Rockwall, TX

Ms. Lana Crawford RH '68
Carrollton, TX

Dr. Danielle Geshay ’13
Waco, TX

Dr. Joanne Hoppe '88
Boise, ID

Dr. Jordan Luna ’14
Dallas, TX

Dr. Sancerie 0’Rourke-Allen '98
Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Julie Stelly ’87
Plano, TX

Ms. Abi Adeyeye ’17

Ms. Shalane Heath '17

Dr. J.D. Corey '16

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