An electronic faculty handbook, recorded presentations and other resources are available for faculty use on the college intranet, and can be accessed by personnel with on-campus computers and devices, or remotely via VPN For more information, see the OIT website.  Other resources are listed here:

Documents and Recorded Presentations on the college Intranet

NOTE: The following resources can only be accessed from campus by college's Faculty and Staff. Please access them on the college intranet. 

  • Teaching Skills Resources
    • 2013 Mini-Faculty Retreat
    • Case-Based Learning Handout - (Breakout Session)
    • Case-Based Learning PowerPoint - (Breakout Session)
    • Creating Exams that Test the Learning We Value (Dr. Simpson)
    • Item Analysis Multiple Choice Questions (Breakout Session)
    • Test Development Workshop Exercise (Breakout Session)
    • 2008  Morris Minton Lectureship – Academic Integrity
    • M2010:  A New Honor Code for A New Generation(flv format)(wmv format)
    • Evidence-Based Practice
      • Making a Case for Evidence Based Practice by Bernadette Melnyk
      • Steps O, 1, and 2 of EBP: From Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry to Searching for Best Evidence by Ellen Fineout-Overholt
      • Critical Appraisal of Evidence: A Focus on Intervention/Treatment Studies by Bernadette Melnyk
      • EBD Tutorial (ADA Website)
    • Risk Assessment
      • CAMBRA and Prosthodontics - Nagy
      • Changes
      • Hygiene Oral Disease Risk Assessment - Mallonee
      • Oral Disease Risk Assessment - Roshan
      • Evidence Based Decision Making - Grogan
      • Risk Assessment - Bitouni
      • Risk Assessment of Periodontal Disease - Beach