The college offers eleven faculty awards, annually, in recognition of excellence in the three mission areas – teaching, research and service. 

Awards offer varying financial incentives that include merit increases and support for work-related travel or development of teaching techniques and methodology.

The recipients for 2017 are 

  • Teaching Excellence Award – Dr. Katie Julien
  • Distinguished Teaching Award – Dr. Amal NourEl-din, D1; and Dr. Sarah P. Allen, D3
  • Basic Science Faculty Research Award – Dr. Feng Tao
  • Institutional Service Excellence Award – Dr. Kathy K.H. Svoboda

(L-R): Dr.  Katie Julien, Dr. Amal NourEl-din, Dr. Feng Tao, Dr. Kathy Svoboda, and Dr. Sarah Allen

2016 Faculty Award Recipients

Dr. Diane Flint   Dr. Lisa Cheng

Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Diane Flint
Associate Professor
Department of Diagnostics Sciences


Clinical Science Faculty Research

Dr. Lisa Cheng
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Oral Pathology
Department of Restorative Sciences

The recipients for 2015 are 

  • Teaching Excellence Award – Dr. Darren Roesch
  • Distinguished Teaching Award – Dr. K. Vendrell Rankin
  • Basic Science Faculty Research Award – Dr. M. Douglas Benson
  • Institutional Service Excellence Award – Dr. Stephen Crane
  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award (FullTime) – Dr. Jennifer Barrington

Seated (L-R): Drs. Rankin, Benson and Roesch
Standing (L-R): Drs. Crane, Holyfield, Berry, Barrington and Wolinsky

2014 Faculty Awards Recipients

Hui Liang Reginald Taylor Dr. Khaldoun Ajlouni

Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Hui Liang
Associate Professor
Department of Diagnostics Sciences

Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Reginald Taylor

Associate Professor
Department of Orthodontics

Excellence in Clinical Teaching

Part Time

Dr. Khaldoun Ajlouni
Associate Professor
Department of Restorative Sciences

Dr. Yongbo Lu Robert Spears  

Basic Science Faculty Research

Dr. Yongbo Lu
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Sciences

Institutional Service Excellence

Dr. Robert Spears
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Sciences