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An electronic faculty handbook, recorded presentations and other resources are available for faculty use on the TAMBCD intranet, and can be accessed by TAMBCD personnel using the links in the section below.  Other resources are listed here:

Documents and Recorded Presentations on the TAMBCD Intranet

NOTE: The following resources can only be accessed from campus by TAMBCD Faculty and Staff. Please access them on the college intranet. 

  • Teaching Skills Resources
    • 2013 Mini-Faculty Retreat
    • Case-Based Learning Handout - (Breakout Session)
    • Case-Based Learning PowerPoint - (Breakout Session)
    • Creating Exams that Test the Learning We Value (Dr. Simpson)
    • Item Analysis Multiple Choice Questions (Breakout Session)
    • Test Development Workshop Exercise (Breakout Session)
    • 2008  Morris Minton Lectureship – Academic Integrity
    • M2010:  A New Honor Code for A New Generation(flv format)(wmv format)
    • Evidence-Based Practice
      • Making a Case for Evidence Based Practice by Bernadette Melnyk
      • Steps O, 1, and 2 of EBP: From Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry to Searching for Best Evidence by Ellen Fineout-Overholt
      • Critical Appraisal of Evidence: A Focus on Intervention/Treatment Studies by Bernadette Melnyk
      • EBD Tutorial (ADA Website)
    • Risk Assessment
      • CAMBRA and Prosthodontics - Nagy
      • Changes
      • Hygiene Oral Disease Risk Assessment - Mallonee
      • Oral Disease Risk Assessment - Roshan
      • Evidence Based Decision Making - Grogan
      • Risk Assessment - Bitouni
      • Risk Assessment of Periodontal Disease - Beach